Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse


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Registration Fee108$
Dates of EventApril 6-20
Event FormatIn Person, Online
CountryUnited States

Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse Program:

Dates: April 6th – April 20th
Three Phases: Samskara (Preparation), Shodhana (Cleanse: 1-3 days), Prasadana (Restoration/Rejuvenation)
Why We Need It: Winter’s heaviness and stagnation can leave us feeling sluggish and out of balance. A spring cleanse helps reset our bodies and minds, shedding winter toxins (ama) and embracing the rejuvenating energy of spring.
Benefits: Sama Agni (Balanced digestion), Laghu (Lighter sense of being), Sudha Nidra (Improved sleep), Sattva (Mental clarity), Doshic Prashama (Reduced cravings), Twak Shuddhi (Improved skin clarity)
How it works:
Samskara Phase: We’ll work together to determine the best start date for your cleanse, taking into account your menstrual cycle (Rtu) and work/life schedule. This phase prepares your body and mind for the cleanse.
Shodhana Phase (1-3 days): Based on your needs and schedule, we’ll determine the optimal duration for your cleanse. You’ll receive personalized guidance and support throughout this phase.
Prasadana Phase: After the cleanse, we’ll focus on restoring and rejuvenating your body and mind, integrating Ayurvedic practices for ongoing wellness.
Daily Live Sessions: Svakriya (Cooking), Dhyana (Meditation), Pranayama (Breathwork) & Anusandhana (Reflection journaling)
Pre-recorded Content: Learn daily routine habits (Dinacharya), Ayurvedic concepts for ongoing wellness
Supportive Community: Sangha (Accountability and collective healing)
Option for Personalized Experience: 3 1:1 sessions for personalized guidance and support

March 11, 2024 6:55 pm

80 days, 21 hours

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